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Want to Volunteer?

WheelWod Games offers a variety of opportunities for you to take part. Our event wouldn’t be the same without our volunteers, including those who join us from near and far. If you’re a judge, willing to help with registration, or simply a fitness fan with the passion to take part in a truly great experience - we have the right opportunity for you. Follow the link below to register !

Athlete Control: With this role, you will be assisting with the athlete experience. This can include athlete coral, check-in, swag bags and anything else to make the athletes have the best experience possible!

Judge: Judges are utilized to maintain the standards of competition. These athletes are the best in the world and will be held to that standard.

Equipment: Our work horse crew will assist team leads in setting up the field of play. Moving things from A to B and making sure the event is ready to go!

Medical: We will have a first responder and recovery team to ensure that the athletes are safe and healthy during competition. Please include credentials for this position.  

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