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CrossFit will release workouts for The Open at noon (PST) on Thursday. WheelWOD will release the Adaptive CrossFit Open workouts at 2 pm PST on Thursday. You can complete your workouts at a CrossFit affiliate or do the workouts from your home gym.

The details of each workout, including the required movements, will be released on the Competition Corner website and each athlete will be informed via email.

Understanding that athletes in different divisions may have varying capabilities, a scaled version of the workout will also be available. 

The workouts will clearly specify the required number of repetitions or the specific repetition scheme, along with the necessary equipment. When it comes to weights, all specifications will be given in pounds. Athletes using kilogram plates will need to adjust to achieve the correct poundage; collars or clips should not be included in the total weight. For competition purposes, 15-kg barbells will considered to weigh 35lb, and 20-kg barbells will be considered to weigh 45lb.

Each workout will have a defined time domain or time limit. The scoring for the 2024 Adaptive CrossFit Open will follow a rank-scoring system, where the athlete's placement in each workout determines their points - first place earns 1 point, second place earns 2 points, and so on.

Filming and submission of workouts are required, and guidelines will be provided to ensure that athletes can correctly record and submit their performance for evaluation.

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